This is my first time buying a house and we found our realtor from Instagram.  I stalked him for months before we contacted him. He looked like a down to earth, real easy to work with and looked like his clients really loved him. But you know, who would put up a bad review about … Continue reading Realtors

Star Wars

I didn`t know anything about Star Wars when I met my husband and even for a few years after that. Not until he forced me to sit down and watch all the 6 episodes that were out at that time. I was lucky enough to be able to watch it not in the order that … Continue reading Star Wars

Spring Cleaning

Every spring I go through my closet to get rid of some clothes to donate, and to make room for new styles and new favourite clothes. I usually get a couple bagfuls. This year I have tried to do spring cleaning 3 times already after seeing a few items I can´t stand any more.... ....BUT every … Continue reading Spring Cleaning