I love beer and food

I love beer and food. And that is why I feel the need to work out to have that extra beer in the end of the day lol  …..and maybe few chips 🙂


I am not a gym fanatic and I don´t like to work out. There are periods when I get very consistent with it but if something ruins my groove, it is very hard to get back to my routine. Like a vacation or Xmas.


In fact when I was a kid I was forbidden to take part of gym classes at school (1-12) because of my hip (I was born with a disorder). So sport never grew on me, at first because I was not allowed.

Occasionally I enjoy doing some sports, like badminton or skiing but I wouldn´t do it on a daily bases. I love to swim though. And a couple of weeks ago I got to try curling, it was a bit rough on my hip but so much fun. I could not do on the weekly bases because it would damage my hip way too much.


I would say I will do the bare minimum to stay fit. Of course I also have to watch what I eat as well and I do follow many health news site.


Sometimes I wish I had the discipline to be a sports fanatic but that will never happen because this is not who I am. They say people change (unless they have a huge goal in mind). They can change from the outside but their habits and inner thoughts will always be the same. And I am not talking about quitting smoking or losing weight!

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