The power of suggestion

“The expectation or suggestion, often unconsciously, changes your behavior and your responses to help bring into reality the outcome you are expecting”.

Last Monday after I read my horoscope that said I will be getting a new job opportunity this week, got my brain absolutely wired with all sorts of ideas and also such beautiful  happiness. Few hours after that a co-worker approached me with a “job offer” that she heard about.

I drove home and I was extremely happy and in my own head thinking all sorts of good thoughts. It felt like everything is lining up!

I have never been into horoscopes that much because how can one prediction fit all the LEOS or VIRGOS around the world but because I needed and wanted a new job my brain went into overdrive and I really believed that one. Plus I pulled a couple of angel cards and I got similar answers that fit my fantasies… was a series of “good hints. “WISHFUL THINKING”


I started to get down from my high horse the following morning when I heard the “job offer” was not actually true. I drove 11 kilometers to hand out my resume and it was hard when I heard they did not need anyone at this time. The fact that it would have been my dream job, made it so much harder to swallow.

Now, roughly a week later from my big horoscope prediction, I haven´t gotten one single job offer, although I did give out a couple other resumes all though the week.

It is so typical of me to get so excited about something and then fall flat on my ass and picking myself up is always the hardest part. Am I stronger because of that? I would like to think so! I mean I did things last week I have never done before and I am quite proud of myself! And that horoscope gave me a push to do all these new things. It was a good thing after all!



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