Powerful energy drink

Because it is a year 2018 and because it suppose to be a new beginning and also because I have been sick for weeks now…..I started browsing on Pinterest for how can I cure my nasty bronchitis naturally. The older I get the less pills and medicine I want to put in my body.

Of course I stumbled on a cellulite and a fat killer drink 🙂 But at that day when I was coughing out green thick mucus I wasn´t really thinking about dieting, I was praying to stay alive, since I could not catch my breath in between coughs. It was so scary.

My husband made this nasty lemon-ginger-garlic drink that I also found on Pinterest, I was able to tolerate it for 2 days, it was so nasty I could not drink it without a gag refleks. Seriously!

Anyways when I started feeling better I wanted to get as much vitamin C as I possibly can in my body. Here is the reason I am actually writing this blog post. After 3 days I feel so energized and I believe it is because of this drink! If you have the patients to make it, I suggest it for sure! And I don´t even like grapefruit!

It was a lot of work but I find it was all worth it!



5 grapefruits

2 limes 

1/4 pineapple

5-6 slices ginger  

Peel grapefruits, limes, pineapple and ginger.


Cut in smaller pieces and put into a blender or a food processor. Blend until smooth, 3-4 minutes.


It will still be very pulpy and you should strain it. I couldn´t find my strainer so I used a tea pot (with strainer) to do so 🙂 Whatever you have in hand, right 🙂


I doubt it will actually burn any fat or erase my cellulite but it is a good way to start my day with a good healthy juice, plus I am using the pulp to make my morning smoothies.


I store my pulp in the freezer. I got 7 little packages of pulp! Makes my morning smoothie making very easy! Just add milk and a banana and I am ready to go 😉



Image from https://draxe.com/grapefruit-benefits-weight-loss/


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