Salt dough Christmas ornaments

There are so many different versions of salt dough recipes on Pinterest and all over the internet. Some say you have to use the same amount of salt and flour and half amount of water. The others make it with different amounts. And then there is the oven temperature suggestions and for how long you have to keep them in the oven.


I guess it is really TIY (try-it-yourself) project, to find what works for you and your oven and also how much patients you have. I only had 2 1/2 hours worth of patients the other night and I did not make it to the 3 hour mark like some suggested. I just left them in the oven for overnight and turned off the oven. And went to bed because it was late. For me.

IMG_20171222_1022061.jpgIn the morning they were still a bit soft so I put them back in the oven for an hour, they turned a little yellowish but were still nice. Also they hardened just the right amount, I think!

IMG_20171222_1021513I mean the little yellow hue doesn´t mean anything since I wanted to paint them anyways. That was the fun part, really! I had my own idea, what my Christmas trees should look like. I did cut out some other shapes but then decided to go with just Christmas trees! IMG_20171222_1231360.jpgI used just a regular green acrylic paint that I have used for my paintings. First I thought I will paint half red and half green but these are going to be gifts for the same group of people, I didn´t want to explain why one got a green and the other half got red Xmas trees. I am sure it wouldn´t of been an issue since everybody is an adult but still, just in case lol image-20171222_123643.jpg I applied 2 coats of green colour mixed in with little sparkles and then the second coat  of sparkling glue. IMG_20171222_1449033.jpgTo make them even more festive, I added some buttons to my  decorations.  You can´t see it from the picture but there is a lot of sparkling going on! IMG_20171222_1617250It was a very fun project, it took me about 8 hours with start to finish! IMG_20171222_1653533Merry Christmas!!!!

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