Gossip in the workplace

“Be careful who you trust at work (or in life in that matter), if someone will discuss others with you, they will certainly discuss you with others”

It has been almost 10 years since I´ve had actual coworkers and I had forgotten the etiquette and what goes on in a workplace. And we basically have all women lol  I had forgotten how fast a word of mouth can fly, and in this place,  it is actually worse than I have ever witnessed or experienced before.

RSP_5053oige.jpgIt seems to spread like a wildfire. For a second I felt like I got tangled up in the gossip  circle but then I took a moment, realized that I don´t want any part of it and started to mentally walk away when I heard any gossip. I don´t want to hear anything bad about my coworkers and I don´t want to say anything bad….I just want to be my happy self and not get bothered with somebody else´s bad day.  I am not letting them ruin my good mood! Non of them are worthy of my anger, my sadness or my tears in that matter!

How do you deal with gossip in the workplace? Do you let it bother you? Do you have a good story to tell?


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