DIY Outdoor Christmas tree

I can´t take all the credit for this Christmas tree idea since I found it from Pinterest but I can take a full credit for making it from scratch. I measured the wood pieces and I cut them into the right size and I can tell you, there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved. Mostly tears, because the saw that I found from my husbands tool room was so dull or I just didn´t know how to properly use it.  Anyways…..


… took me about 2 hours to get all the pieces into the right size, with the crying brakes and saw throwing lol



The next step was to glue all the pieces into their right place. I tried to use nails but there wasn´t the right size nails and I opted to use the wood glue instead. After every piece I had to wait 30 minutes to do the next one, we only have one clamp 🙂 But that was ok.  I had the time!



Next step was to drive to the hardware store and buy the right colour paint! I picked the best colour ever or so I think, I love it  🙂  Oddly it was called Jungle Adventure lol


It was such a fun project and I really put my whole heart and soul into this! I am also so deeply proud of myself that I didn´t give up and pushed through!

IMG_20171127_1938574 (1)

Added some Christmas ornaments and I was so happy! I didn´t have any time to make another one, so my hubby helped me out and cut another one from a pallet, it looks more like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree but that is ok. I can say my tree looks so much better lol And the two trees really compliment each other!


Now all that was left to do, was to put Christmas lights on and pair it with the candy cane fence, that was also a DIY craft from pallets.


I got it done just in time since they are forecasting snowfall for tonight! It will look so lovely with the lights and the snow!

Show me how you decorated for the Christmas (leave your blog link to the comments)?

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