Why can´t we just all get along?

Why can´t we just all get along? I have always wondered about that? Why some people like to put other people down, act superior or be mean or annoyingly loud and obnoxious. Why can´t we just all be friendly, humble, compassionate and kind.


I don´t like drama. I don´t like bullshit, I don´t like confrontation, I don´t like mean-ness and I most definitely not allowing any sort of bullying in front of my eyes.

Apparently recent advances in the neurosciences have established an irrefutable fact: Human beings are emotional, not rational…..


  • irrefutable – impossible to deny or disprove

You probably wonder if something happened to me recently. Nothing specific happened to me but when you are out and about, even in a shopping mall, if you open your eyes, you see a lot. In some part of me is a Parisian, because I love people watching.


*2014 Summer

One thought on “Why can´t we just all get along?

  1. Lovely post.i couldn’t agree more with what you write. I learned in the hardest way to keep away negative person but there are lots of those creature around.why people cannot just live their lives in peace?i m like you can hate confrontation.i mind my business and my life without comparing myself with others’ and you know the kind who upset me more?the passive aggressive😱they totally destabilize me.


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