80/20 rule in food

A few months back I heard of a 80/20 rule. I am sure it is nothing new to the world but it made me very happy. I no longer had to feel bad when I went for that cookie or a small bar of chocolate or a piece of cake. And let me tell you I haven’t had my favourite treat in months – salty Lay’s chips! I used to eat these on a weekly basis….now I just don’t buy them! I can’t eat what I don’t have….


I am not a huge fan of sweets at all but I do have periods when I can eat just chocolate and crap food. In these times I just can’t control myself…..let me just blame it on hormones…. 🙂  And yes I have no discipline either, never had….


I know everybody is different and deals with the calories and fat differently.  If I’d eat everything I want all the time, I would be rolling around like a ball.  I am generally very good with semi healthy meals but there are days I am so very tempted and my body is not happy at all and is punishing me with pimples and huge belly bloat lol

I am in a place in my life where I don’t want to loose weight but maintain it…. #goals


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