We had a visitor

We had a visitor late Wednesday night, a furry, striped tail, visitor 🙂


A group of them or maybe just one of them left a mess a week ago on our back deck. The garbage can was tipped over and the only food – garlic bread – was dragged all over the deck. I was the one who found the mess and because I am not used to raccoon activity, wasn’t sure what that was. Maybe the strong winds? But then again, wind wouldn’t take off the lid of a garbage can, right? So my husband said, they were probably raccoons. I actually made a joke about that too. Because they are such intelligent creatures, I was wondering if they washed their hands in our pool after eating the garlic bread….you know because it is greasy lol  I was sad I missed them!

Anyways, we were watching TV on Wednesday night and all of a sudden, from the corner of my eye, I see something moving at the back door. It is a glass door and for some reason we had the light on. Usually it is never on. I looked and it is the most adorable creature of all. He or she sniffs around and then looks in, I nudge my husband to grab a phone to take some pictures. We did not alert our dog because that would of been a barking mess.


I  love raccoons, I find them so cute, even with the messes they make. We don’t really put too much food in our garbage can outside, most of it goes to our tummies or the compost. I am surprised they haven’t found the compost yet! That would be a real buffet for them.

I know a lot of people don’t like them because they create so many messes and spread diseases but as long as I can see them through the glass, I am perfectly happy 😉

What are your thoughts on raccoons?

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