Waiting for Christmas

Every year after Halloween there are a lot of Christmas decorations on sale in any store and I have always been the Grinch that doesn´t want to hear nothing about Christmas, NOT in November……

Xmas Crop Front.jpg

……this year I am the excited one. I bought a few Christmas decorations already and I am holding back not to start decorating but we just closed down the pool today 🙂  How weird is that? It is partly because it is the first year in our new house and I probably think the time more magical than it will be 🙂


We have a tradition to make our own Christmas cards every year and we just shot the pictures for this year. So excited. Let the editing begin! We actually send them out with the envelope and a stamp. Not a lot of people do that any more since we have e-mails  and text messages and other ways to communicate etc. I think it is fun and very respectful way to remember each other!


Are you waiting for Christmas? When are you starting to decorate? When do you think is the right time?

4 thoughts on “Waiting for Christmas

  1. My rules is decorations on around beginner by of December but no Christmas shopping before mid November as on the 14th is my daughters birthday and I usually live that to pass but I confess if you see some last season decorations on a good deal I might do exceptions😉

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