I’ve got the whole world in my hands

I had a job interview on the night of Halloween and I got hired as a cashier in a candy store. I am excited about the job, since there will be a lot of little people coming in to buy candy 🙂 That´ll be the happiest moment of their day and I am part of that. Not that I am 100 % PRO Candy eating but I can make somebody happy!

Training week starts today. I have never used POS or Point of Sales machine before, never in my life. In my job interview I did mentioned that I am terrified of the cash register but I got hired anyways.


I have never worked as a cashier before or in any store for that matter. I am trying to give my best, that is all I can do. I am nervous about using it.  I opened my eyes before my alarm clock went off and now just trying to calm my mind 🙂 This could be the start of  something awesome!

Anyways, there are few hours before I have to be “people” and learning ready 🙂 I had to buy a pair of black pants as part of the work uniform but after 3 stores I gave up. I just could not find any. You would think it is an easy task but it is not! Hopefully dark blue is as good as black 🙂

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