We are buying a car

Now that I found a job, the next step would be buying a car. We don´t need a big car. All that I care about is that it has 4 wheels and automatic transmission.  I have gone to automatic and I can never go back to manual. I did learn how to drive manual. I did my drivers test on manual and my first 2 cars were manual. It´s not because I don´t know how to drive with manual, its more about comfort and lazyness 🙂


I know there are people who would argue me to death in this subject, including my husband but this time, this is important to me. Usually I would just give in, in any argument, because I don´t like to argue BUT not this time.


Winter – Mountains – Slippery = automatic for me. We live in the country now and I find that this is necessary for me to drive to work. To be safe and to feel safe in the car.

images (1).jpg

We are probably opting with the cheapest little car that there is. I don´t really care as much about the colour or the make or the model. I just don´t want to bare this cold fall/winter and walk to work. It is only 3 kilometers but in a cold weather, I would be angry as a bull, when I get there. It is not a good way to start a day, would you say?

Right now, the top contenders are:

Chevrolet Spark.


Ford Fiesta


Nissan Micra


Actually in a year 2004 I was absolutely fascinated with the Nissan Micra, it was so cute. Oh boy, do cars change 🙂

nissan micra 2004

And a last minute contender, nr 4, Mitsubishi Mirage


The last car we bought was JEEP Patriot. I remember that day so clearly 🙂 It was 2015, month of May,  it was the first car we bought together! What a glorious day it was and all the years following were filled with car rides and road trips. Now my husband takes a roadtrip every day, to work and back. 3 hours in a car, every day. Sometimes even longer!


What are your thoughts on these 4 little cars?  Do you drive one? Do you have any tips? Do you maybe sell cars?

5 thoughts on “We are buying a car

  1. Good luck car shopping! I just purchased my first car and shared the experience on my blog last week. It’s a very fun time to try out cars and see which ones drive nicely! Looking forward to seeing which one you select and congrats on your new job!

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