As you know I am looking for a job. I have done so many modifications to my resume lately and now I am wondering if I should add all the languages that I have learned?  Languages I know how to speak? Languages I have learned but don’t remember as much? Should I add languages at all? Should it be a surprise element?


They are Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and German. That is the order of my knowledge of them. Estonian is the best and German is the worst 🙂


With languages, the thing is, if you don’t use them, you forget them. I haven’t spoken to anyone in German, Finnish or Russian for years. I understand them, and if I had to speak, I could probably surprise myself on how much my brain still remembers.


Yesterday morning I did a little test on myself. I tried to put together a small text in every language. It was pretty good, I am not overly impressed but it was pretty good!  But in the workplace, and to be put on the spot, it would add a little stress and I would probably loose a bit of that knowledge for that moment 🙂



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