Sometimes you just need to chill

I wasn´t feeling well yesterday and decided to take it easy and read a book. I have been reading this book series for a month now.  I went to the library a month ago and came across this book series by G.A Mckevett, I had no idea that there are so many books in this Savannah Reid murder mystery series. 22 to be exact and I think she is not done yet, since there is a new one coming out in 2018!

My first book was a “Killer Physique” which is a book number 19 in the lineup. I didn´t know that at a time. I just grabbed it from the shelf since it had an appealing title. I started reading it and it went kinda slow for me and I stopped. I just couldn´t …. then I opened up another book that I got from the library by the same author.

abody to die fior

“A body to Die For”  #14 on the list,  and that was very interesting and I read that book in a few days and I was hungry for more, I was hooked lol Now I have read the next book “Wicked Craving” and yesterday at noon I started “A decadent way to die”. It was done by 6pm. Now I am really really hooked. All I think about when I can download a new book and read it! Thank god I am able to stay home right now.



I am not sure what went wrong with the first book that I read, since the other books are written so great but the “Killer Physique” is just written so different. I swear I tried to read it again after I put it down the first time, several times. The theme was interesting but the writing was….well lets just say I just kept on yawning 🙂 Every time I picked that one up!!!

I enjoy murder mysteries and with the Hannah Swensen murder mysteries series I am kinda spoiled since that was my all time favourite series. Until they ruined it with the Hallmark movies where Hannah is not looking like Hannah at all (the main character) but it was also mentioned in two other of my blog posts already lol

Have you read Savannah Reid  (G.A Mckevett) murder mysteries? Have you read Hannah Swensen murder mystery books (Joanne Fluke)? Do you like them?

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