Scars from teenage years

We all have these unpleasant memories from our childhood or teenage years, unless you were raised in an exceptionally good home and in that case I envy you and you are a very lucky human being.

My unpleasant event or incident happened in high school, in an art history class where I find I got bullied by an art history teacher, and I don’t know why it happened but it left a scar.

We were learning what colours go together and what it means when a certain person wears certain colours together. Anyways, she described a person who wears black and gray together as invisible, depressive and who blends to the masses. Then she gave me a look, very obviously from bottom to top ……I was sitting in the front row and everyone got the hint, loud and clear.

black and gray 2

I was wearing black jeans and gray bodysuit. I already loved bodysuits in 1998 ๐Ÿ™‚ This is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I just wanted to disappear. I wasn’t the popular girl in school but I had my friends. That incident brought down my self esteem 100%.

black and gray 1

This has stayed with me so strongly and I usually do not wear black and gray together, EVER, actually I unconsciously avoid gray at all. I have some gray sweaters but that is about it and I never wear it with black!

I think this incident stuck with me for life because I got humiliated in front of my class and that is a horrible thing, in any age, but teenage years are the most important of all, they form us. They are the most fragile years, when you discover yourself!

Grey Jeans Outfit Ideas 2


Until recently, black and white have reigned supreme as the base fashion colors, and a casual look has ruled the day.ย  But now the popularity of gray is on the rise…..

There are a lot of people who get a rush when they put other people down but I am not that person. I have never been. Yes, in a heated argument I can say something I regret but I don’t find I need to put somebody else down to feel good.

It sounds like a cliche but I actually want world peace!

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