When life gives you lemons….go volunteer

I baked….I haven´t made cookies for such a long time but I did a few days ago. Making cookies is so satisfying, especially when you want to make them for someone else as a gift. And as I was starting to write this blog post I went back a few months with my blog and discovered I have already put up that amazing recipe!!!!  Recipe for these cookies.


From the time we moved from the big city to the countryside (to a village, really), in that  short amount of time, I have changed so much already. I find myself being a better person here, happier, friendlier, more social. It is hard to pay attention and help others when you live in a city of 2.81 million other people! Also it´s also hard to dedicate yourself to a good cause when you are working a lot! The only thing I wanted to do after work, was to distress and watch TV.


I have learned more in 2 months than I did the past few years. I have painted way too many walls in this house, I have built furniture and decorations, I know how to take care of the pool or how to garden. I know that spiders are so fast in building their new web after I have wrecked it in the cleaning process. I know now that you need a dehumidifier in the house to get the humidity out.  I have learned how to compost and to separate recycling and garbage and how to produce less waste.


Since I am unemployed and haven’t found work yet, I started volunteering at the Alpaca farm. I love animals and from the first time I went there, I felt at home, in peace. I have learned how to take care of Alpacas, I know that when you bring them hay, they will follow you and try to snatch it from your hands. I know how to make dryer balls and felted animals from their wool. The most important thing I know now is that they spit lol  I still have so much to learn. I will learn as long as I can.



I go to church every Sunday and I offer my help there when needed. I have volunteered before but here it is so different, I find myself doing things I would of never done in a big city.  For the first time in a long time I feel happy and free and I can do and make whatever my heart desires. In these times I am forgetting to worry about everything and everybody, my heart just fills with joy and happiness. So grateful!

I am also looking for work which is not easy in a small village, but I know that the good things come to those who wait and the right job will come to me when I am ready for it!


4 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons….go volunteer

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for liking my most recent posting. Really, really appreciate it. Also….thank you for the words written in this posting. It is wonderful to see a positive perspective, like volunteering, even when things aren’t going your way necessarily. It gives us all something to chew on for a bit. Wonderful job and I look forward to seeing your next post!

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  2. Just wanted to say thank you for liking my post. And I thank you for the thoughts written in your own post. The perspective of doing something for other people, even when things aren’t going your way, is so renewing and fresh.


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