The Blue Danube Waltz

I am a huge classical music fan.  I guess I just forgot about it for years, when life got too busy and I had no time to put on any music.

Last week I discovered it again. I started cleaning and felt like waltzing with my vacuum and my mop lol  I put on the best of waltz music: Strauss and Tchaikovsky and I instantly felt happy and refreshed and ready to twirl around. How can you not???

So I had a wonderful afternoon, cleaning and twirling to the point our dog started giving me odd looks. “Woman, did you loose your marbles” lol Then I picked her up and twirled to the point I would drop the dog if I didn’t stop.  I’m thinking I might be too old to twirl like a maniac!!!


Photo credit: Kristel Puusta Photography

I can say, without any doubt, that my favourite is The Blue Danube Waltz, and second place belongs to Beethoven, symphony nr 5. I think the third place will  be divided between Mozart Serenade no 13 and Beethoven Für Elise.

My husband likes the modern music but I like the old classics. The only music we agree on is the country music. I am obsessed with Florida Georgia Line, especially with the song God, your Momma and me. The best song ever!! All their songs have amazing lyrics, at least the ones that I know 🙂


It used to be Blake Shelton but then the divorce happened with Miranda and I lost all respect for that man. Not a fan of Gwen…….Still not……………..Nope.

I have also taken some ball room dancing classes and I have always loved it. It is a huge burden on my hip and I shouldn’t but as soon as I see an ad for it, I would still go. It is so worth it! It makes me happy!


One thought on “The Blue Danube Waltz

  1. music is such an important part of life. I don’t understand why people don’t just put on music more often. There is music playing in our house all the time. We listen to everything from classical to hard rock. We love classic rock, but there are times when we will put on Jim Brickman and listen to piano music. Country is one genre of music I don’t like, but hey to each their own. keep rocking on… even if it rocking out to classical


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