I made a human….kinda

I am telling you I had the funnest day ever! I have been thinking about doing it for weeks now and today, I finally did it! I made a human…..kinda…..a scarecrow human lol

I had so much fun with it and while I was stuffing the scarecrow’s pants with hay, I was laughing and it was the funniest thing to me at that time. It was a good day.

First I had to build a frame, my husband gave me some pointers but mostly just stood by and tried not to laugh, me hammering the nails and all. They all just wanted to go to the left. But finally I got it done!


When the frame was done, we had to cut the arms a bit shorter because the shirt we chose (by default because it was the only one we really had to spare for this project) was a little small and I couldn’t get it on her at first. Oh, by the way, I am calling her Linda. My new beautiful friend she is!!!


Anyways, after the frame was done, I dressed her and I had to figure out if it’ll be a girl, a boy….but I decided to go with a female. So I have somebody to talk to when I am bored at home. There is hay everywhere right now, I am not looking forward to the clean up. I made her head indoors, in our living room, so yes, like I said, hay everywhere!!!!


I think that the toughest part to make was the head. How to make it look real and kind of scarecrow-ish at the same time. How to make it original? How to make it sexy and add some swag to her lol


The whole project was a huge learning curve for me, because this is my first scarecrow. How am I going to make the frame? Should I stuff the clothes first? Should I sew the clothes together?  How do I put the head on? There was really a million questions in my mind the whole time.


As I was carrying her around from one place to another, I hoped the neighbors won’t call the police, because at one point I was carrying around a headless person lol Of course we had to goof around with it as well, take pictures and so on.


And when Linda was done, it started raining. I felt so sad leaving her outside….


I know her place is outside but she became all too real and way too cute to leave outside like that. Anyways I took her to the carport for the night. Hopefully she’ll be a good guard overnight. We will see what happens tomorrow.



I think it came out so awesome. She is a keeper!


What do you think?

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