I fell off the wagon

Now I know why it is called Fall.  I am ‘Fall’ ing off the wagon!

My 2 weeks of dieting ended with a week of overindulging. I had such bad cravings and I could not resist them any more. I wanted gluten and I wanted it really bad 🙂 I ate healthy and exercised every morning for 2 weeks and I started looking pretty good, but now all that hard work was for nothing….and I can’t get myself to eat healthy and all I want is pasta lol


First it was loads and loads of pasta with homemade tomato sauce topped with Parmesan and my husbands shawarma. And then Thanksgiving came…..We didn’t plan on doing any sort of dinner at all but then we saw this turkey on sale and everything just went downhill from there….everything tasted so good and now I feel like I have swallowed a balloon and I feel so heavy and disgusting.


I also baked last week. I baked some good broccoli and cheese muffins as well as chocolate chips muffins and I ate them all 🙂 But damn, they were so good 🙂


The worst thing is, I can’t get back to my exercise routine that I had and it worked so well before! I was so inspired. I think it is because of Fall. Can I just blame Fall? You just don’t want to do anything when it is raining outside and it’s cold. Right? Or is it just me?


But now I am actually heading to the gym, if I want it or not….. I will just drag myself over there and do some exercises! I will end this lazy cycle!!! I have to!!!

3 thoughts on “I fell off the wagon

  1. I fell off the wagon too, pretty hard between celebrating my engagement and then hurricanes and then overworking but back at it now. Ugh! Fitness is hard! Why do we self sabotage! All the crap food I ate tasted delicious but man did it make me feel terrible afterward.

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    1. We fall off because unhealthy food tastes so GOOD lol I love good food but I also love my body so it is always a huge conflict lol I love the feeling after exercising but to get there, it is a struggle 🙂 Btw, you look so beautiful!

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