When husband cooks…..

When husband cooks, he makes the most delicious meals ever. It is worth the messy kitchen and clean up afterwords, that is usually on me 🙂


In the top 10 list, one of my favourites is Chicken Shawarma. All the ideas or thoughts about a diet and healthy eating are flying out of the window and I overeat like a pig 🙂 And I usually gain a lot of weight! Shawarma is so dangerous, for me lol  And he makes the best HUMMUS as well which is one part of Shawarma!!!!

RECIPE for 2 

2 pita breads

1 cup hummus

1 fried and cubed chicken breast

1 cup tomato (1 big tomato)

1/2 cup unflavored yogurt

1 tsp minced garlic

Buy hummus or make your own. We always make our own. RECIPE 

Fry up your chicken with your favourite spices. Set aside. Cube the tomato and mix yogurt with garlic.

Take one pita bread, slice it open and start spreading hummus in between.


Next add the chicken on top of the hummus. Generous amount.


Then the garlic yogurt and cubed tomatoes. We haven’t been able to find pickled turnip, which is usually added to the “stuffing”.  I guess we will have to make our own soon (do you have a good recipe?).


Add another layer of hummus on top and start rolling it. My husband rolled it inside the wax paper so it wouldn’t be messy, but it is up to you!


And it is done, the most delicious meal ever!!!! This is how we make Shawarma, so damn good! Do you like Shawarma?

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