My new organic fall/winter hat

A few weeks ago I got a wonderful gift from a good friend of mine. A fall hat made with organic cotton. I absolutely fell in love with that hat and I would like to share this joy with you. If you are looking for a nice fall/winter hat, look no more! These are actually for kids and babies – beanies, bandanas, balaclavas and nice scarves but some are good for grown ups as well, like this one that I am wearing in this picture.


I love all their patterns – foxes, hedgehogs, monsters, raccoons, cars,  penguins, bunnies and a lot of other fun ones too. My absolute favourite is the fox beanie.  I am absolutely sure that kids would be so happy to get these hats/scarves….and I am telling you – Christmas is coming!!! I am already planning to get a few hats for some cute kids that I know!



Think about the environment and get organic cotton products for your kids.  It´s the best thing you can do for them. All of these products are very high in quality, designed with heart and made in Estonia, in Europe.  Why choose organic?

yhst-10539600917810_2271_1032024My hat has a fleece lining and it is so comfortable! None of my other hats have the soft lining and they are always so itchy and leaving red marks, probably because of my allergies. This one did not leave any red marks. It almost felt like I didn´t have a hat on at all. Organic cotton is 100 % allergy free, and honestly, this is my first hat that is made with organic material! I will never go back to the regular cotton!

unnamed (2).jpg

Check out all the wonderful patterns and submit your order today!!!

In the month of October, there is a 10% off with a code ORGANIC.

AND if you live in Toronto, there is a free pick-up location available!

Have a very lovely Thanksgiving to all the Canadians!!!


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