Short story 1

“You won´t even come to my funeral then” said her grandmother and started to cry. That was her only concern, her funeral. The girl had all her suitcases packed and she was ready to escape that world where everything seemed so dark and where she saw no future. That was the goodbye between grandmother and granddaughter, granddaughter  who had a plane ticket to fly as far as she could from her home country. 6600 km away to be exact.

It suppose to be her clean slate. Her new and better life. Escape from laid off job, unemployment, big boobed girls, who were after her job and a verbally abusive boyfriend. Neither the boyfriend or the girl knew they would never meet again. That she will never return. That she would find her happy ending without him.


She had her plane ticket in her hand, entering the security zone, waving to her boyfriend who she secretly hated and had no regrets on leaving behind. She was’t looking back. She only saw the light, she was drawn to the light….the bright new future. With only 2 suitcases in tow she was ready to start a new life. These suitcases were the only reminder of her old life – old clothes, old shoes, just few things she needed to get by at first.

Window seat on the plane was great! She was not an experienced flyer but usually a very scared and a nervous flyer, but not this time. Her heart was filled with happiness not fear. She wasn’t even scared to die. She had done it. Something that she had been talking about for a year now. Going abroad. They stopped believing her stories but she knew it was going to happen. She believed it until her dreams became a reality. And she had finally done it! She was on the plane to another continent, across the big pond…..

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