Since my grandparents had that nasty falling accident I haven’t slept much. I am in constant fear they are going to die. I hear odd sounds at night and possibly imagine shadows and so on. I lay awake and I wonder if I could sense when either of them happen to cross over to the other side. Would they come and visit me and give me a sign that they are here and want to say good bye? How connected are we?


I guess not too many people think about these things and can sleep peacefully but as I have read so many books, watched countless documentaries and now Tyler Henry’s show… I know they are around us and watching over us. After I watch the show I can’t sleep for hours, I have been up almost the entire night thinking about it. This show just does something to me but I can’t stop watching it lol It intrigues me!!!

I am sure that my great aunt is watching over me and is helping me as my guardian angel. I do have a regret not going to see her on her death bed just weeks before she died. I was only 8 and I didn’t think of death at that time and couldn’t possibly know that this would turn out to be one of the biggest regrets of my life. Not being able to say goodbye to a loved one is probably the number one regret in the world concerning death and passing. I am sure she doesn’t want me to hold it against myself and I am sure she is fine with it. I dreamed of naming my daughter after her. But since I am not having any kids…..


I had a friend who passed away, I think it is about 10 years ago now, in November. He was the most kind hearted and joyous person I have ever known. He crossed over due to a car accident that was not his fault. There was a huge party in his honor afterwards.  Everyone got together and talked about him, it was wonderful. A few days after his passing I saw a butterfly indoors….in November when there should not be any butterflies because it is too cold outside for them. I knew it was him. In my heart I believed way before I got interested in afterlife.

A lot of people would consider talking about afterlife kind of nonsense, something people make up, I could never discuss it with my parents. I am the most spiritual person in my family and I will continue to believe the things I think are right, regardless what anybody else will say.


Do you believe in afterlife? Have you seen signs after someone has passed? Have you read any good books about the afterlife?

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