Stupid accidents happen

An older man, 70 +  goes outside to mow the lawn. He plugs in the lawn mower and has to walk down 10 flights of stairs. He trips on the lawn mower cord and tumbles down from the stairs. He gets a head wound and his eye is in a really bad shape.

His wife, also 70 + years old,  hears the commotion, runs out, sees her husband on the ground from the top of the stairs. She is starting to run down the stairs, the same stairs where he tripped and fell.  She also trips on the same god damn wire and breaks her hand in two places and her leg has a fracture.

Magazines-time (9)

Thankfully, there are people, who saw this happening and called 911.

Sounds like an anecdote or a joke but it happened… happened yesterday to my grandparents…..

They are doing well but there is a long road to recovery.  Get well soon grandma and grandpa!!!! I am thinking of you!

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