Is jello/gelatin really a miracle food?

When I was a little girl, my orthopedic doctor always encouraged me to eat jello and that is what I ate all the time in the hospital (when I was a kid). But then again, that is what everybody eats in the hospital I guess. After searching “jello” last night I am starting to understand why!!! It is very good for your body!

What is gelatin? Gelatin most often comes from cows, pigs, and occasionally fish, and is primarily made up of collage-nous joints, tendons, and connective tissues, which are dried and ground into a powder. I haven´t eaten pigs meat for so long and I really don´t support it but for my joints and bone health I would do it!  There are vegan options but it doesn´t offer the same benefits!


The only benefit I knew growing up was that it was good for my joints. Body uses gelatin’s amino acids to rebuild cartilage and connective tissues in joints.

The amino acids in gelatin feed the lining of the gut, which helps heal inflammatory damage you may incur from a poor diet, medication use, food sensitivities, or a leaky gut. This was a really big surprise to me, I was not aware of this. I have a lot of food sensitivities and always very inflamed gut because of it (all the time). And the benefits to skin and nails is just extra and it helps you to loose weight! WOW! Feels like buy one get one free kind of deal.

They do say to avoid the boxed jello mixes and just make your own. In Christmas time I have usually made pork jello (jelly, aspic etc). I guess this year it will be a chicken and veggie jelly since we don´t really eat pork around here any more.

And while reading up on jello, I found these crazy recipes that I have never seen before!!!! It was a wow moment and a moment when I decided I would really like to try these recipes. They look scary and interesting in the same time 🙂 If that makes any sense lol

jello 3

jello 4. jpg

jello 1

I found these from Pinterest (you can find them easily when interested, I included the user name).  Have you tried any of these? Do you like jello?

I will try few of them and then I will blog about it! I am actually very excited! My husband is not lol

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