All of a sudden I crave raw cauliflower

I have never liked my vegetables raw, especially when I was a kid. No carrots, no beets, no cabbage, no cauliflower. Thankfully our mom fried them with butter and they had this brown look to them. It was so yummy, so of course I carried on the tradition to my marriage. My husband never complained but I know he tried to make me a steamed veggie believer.

cauliflower 2

*one cauliflower is from the store, the other one is from the market, same price. Can you guess which one is from the market?

I carried the frying tradition to the point where the vegetables were not recognizable because of frying and they were dripping of butter. Not the healthiest way to have your veggies. I am sure that the nutritional value of these veggies was nearly zero by that point.

I started appreciating steamed veggies about 3 or 4 years ago. Somehow I made the switch, I can’t even remember why. But it happened. I haven’t really cooked any of the “burnt” veggies for a very long time now and I am glad!


And as of this weekend, I can’t get enough of raw cauliflower. I am restricting myself from bread and flour products, mostly for gluten reasons.  Because of this, I have nothing to eat hummus with….my husband makes the best hummus in the world so naturally I can’t just pass on it. It just tastes amazing.   A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

At some birthday parties in the past, I have seen raw cauliflower with dip but I never understood the people eating raw cauliflower. Ever!!!  But something happened in my brain and I cut a bowlful of raw cauliflower that I could eat with the amazing hummus. And it was the greatest experience ever. The rest of the weekend I ate nothing else other than raw cauliflower. My body was craving it!

Do you like raw cauliflower? What is your favourite vegetable?


3 thoughts on “All of a sudden I crave raw cauliflower

  1. I have also noticed the difference between store cauliflower and the small farmers’ ones. Store ones also stay white and beautiful longer. But I do like the market ones more.
    Tastest vegetable is potato, I ike them roasted.

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    1. Yes, raw carrots are good too!!! Chicken shawarma is another thing that my husband makes, it is so delicious, when I start I can’t seem to stop lol Dangerous! But I like the hummus-chicken wrap idea, I will try that!!! Is it just hummus and chicken or something else? Thanks!!!


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