Old Mill Alpacas

It was one of those days where we were so fed up of doing the household chores, we just wanted to get out of the house. We have been working on the house for every god damn day and weekend. There has been no rest or fun for the wicked so I planned an event for us – Brighton Applefest.

Unfortunately, this was the last day of the festival and the main events have been on for a few days now and there was no big events left for Sunday, just an art show. The art show was fine too and I got many craft ideas for Xmas gifts.  I was happy with that.


On our way back, we kept on seeing alpaca signs/posters, saying open house and I am a huge fan of animals, and alpacas are animals… so when we past it, husband did a U-turn and we parked our car. Although it was 28c outside, I was so excited to go see the ALPACAS. And I mean they were probably feeling even hotter than I was.


13854 Highway # 2



Walking in, there was so much cuteness going on all around. I find alpacas to be adorable and super cute, also very comical. I mean look at this cute chick here.

alpaca 2

I mean she has it going on. The fancy hairdo she is showing off so elegantly and the big eyes and that city girl posing skills, she knows her angles lol


There is also a little barn and a store a short walk to the back of the property, that was our next stop. On our way there I told my husband I would totally volunteer in this alpaca farm, running with them all day long would put a smile in my face. I am actually not sure if they are friendly with people or how they act. This was my third time seeing this specimen so I guess I will need to go back and find out.


At the barn, we got a lot of very interesting knowledge about alpaca grooming and what kind of wool is used for what products. I had so many other questions but I didn´t want to keep the owner Amy with all my questions. I figured I will get the answers next time, when I volunteer or when we go back to see the baby alpacas prance  🙂 Amy was very friendly and passionate.


Alpaca wool is very very very soft and nice,  I know somebody who wants alpaca wool slippers for Xmas 🙂 Oh, yeah, it´s me, by the way….


I didn´t buy anything right now, because I have to find a job before I buy anything 🙂 That is the rule with unemployed people 🙂


If you live in Ontario, anywhere else in Canada or overseas, this is the place to mark on to your calendars and locations to visit! You should have no excuses if you live near Colborne, Ontario lol

3 thoughts on “Old Mill Alpacas

  1. Thanks for the follow. As it happens, I do live near Colborne, and pass it regularly when I travel to Toronto (I live just north of Napanee). I did not know there were alpacas in the area and will certainly check it out. I am also a knitter and love to find new fibres to work with. When I lived in South America I learned that alpaca wool is very hard to come by because the wool can not be taken from live animals, but perhaps I have something to learn here. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Oh yes, you should visit! I find alpaca wool very soft and this wool is coming from animals that are alive for sure 🙂 So far I have just sorted the fiber, made dryer balls and felted animals 🙂 When you drop by you can ask for me – Maiu, I might be there 😉


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