Finding a job in a small town

So, we made the move from the big city  with couple million people living in it to a community with 2000 people. I had a good job that I loved but it would of been too long of a commute for me and I had to quit.

Now I am facing a tough challenge to find a job in this little community or the other option to look around in the cities near by.  The closest town is 12 km away one way and 25 km the other way. Our main strip is literally 100 meters long and I don´t see myself finding a job in this town. I wish I could…


We don´t have a second car right this minute so it makes everything even tougher. When my husband leaves for work every morning (over 120 km drive). I am here without a car or an option to go look for a job. But we are planning to buy a second car soon.


And that way I will be more confident in applying for jobs out of our town. For now, all I can do is get myself ready for the job interview. My last one was probably 10 years ago. I have switched jobs before but really, there was no interviews for these jobs, more like friendly chats.


But for the time being, I am happy to take on some other challenges, like decorating our house, building furniture for our house, do some paint jobs, all kinds of different crafts and just rest. I have been trying to catch up on my reading as well but there is just too much to do at the house. I did read a book the other day. It was a very good book! I am int murder mysteries!


I find myself vacuuming 10 times more often than in the apartment. Somehow it gets dustier here and the spiders are very quick to build new webs when I wipe them down. I will tell you about the spiders some other time…..there are a lot of stories there. Me and my husband, we both are scared of spiders….. lol

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