DIY Home gym for the beginners

I had an empty corner in the basement.  I knew that I wanted a place to work out occasionally so this nook was perfect for me. I am not done with it yet, but I can use it now and add equipment whenever I feel I need more….


I guess the big question when you start building your home gym is “What kind of exercise you do like?” Yoga? Weights? Cardio?  How much space and equipment do you need?


I like my yoga and I have a few specific stretches for my back and hip so that I can be pain free and walk. I needed space where I can roll out my yoga mat. Since I am not very keen to do cardio on my elliptical every day I decided to buy some weights. I already had 2 lb dumbbells, but I also got 5 lb ones. Now I feel I need something heavier 🙂  I have never been into weight lifting so I wasn’t exactly sure how heavy these dumbbells had to be lol I am not into building heavy muscles I just want to maintain what I have 🙂


For the floor I got 2 packages of interlocking foam mats, only to discover I might need another 4 pack in the future. I can use the space right now, but it might be nice to have another 4 of them to fill the space. It was actually super fun to do the floor puzzle. I enjoyed it!


I printed out a few exercise sheets from Pinterest (of course). I can’t physically do all of them, but most of them. I would love to use video to work out with but most of the fitness videos I have seen are really annoying lol So I am sticking with my music and my printouts 🙂

4 thoughts on “DIY Home gym for the beginners

  1. Great start to your home gym! I’m in the middle of creating my own as well. I’d recommend getting some resistance bands, if you don’t already have them. They will help with flexibility, balance, and strength. All very beneficial for yoga. 🙂

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