You can’t out exercise a bad diet

I have never been a body confident person! It has always been something, if I get over one thing then it is the other thing. I wanted bigger boobs when I was younger but then I got over it and started loving my girls. Then I thought my butt was too big but nowadays it is a good thing, everybody wants a bigger butt. I have never understood that…. I have always wanted my butt to be smaller. Then my cellulite….and now my age (I would say midlife) has finally caught up with my waste line lol I have to really be careful WHAT I eat and WHEN I eat!


I love food. I love to cook and I love to eat. But lately my old eating habits are not working and I am gaining fat and I just pulled a hissy fit on Saturday afternoon after a night of eating pizza and drinking beer. Oh yeah and my body is not liking gluten as well so I balloon up. And I saw my sizzly skinny girlfriend that morning. That did not help the cause. So I felt miserable and unhappy. And YES, it is fall and usually I get S.A.D.  So everything is kind of “normal” lol


Anyways, I am on a diet again.  Actually on a very specific diet, sauerkraut soup diet. I can eat fruits and vegetables as much as I want to and at least 2 times a day this soup. And I hate to diet this time around. My husband is making all these good food that I am just dying to have 🙂 I have to be strong here…..



I actually set up a little gym for myself downstairs, that I visit once a day. I started yesterday! We’ll see what comes out of it!

I don´t want to end this blog post in a sad or depressive note, so let me just say, I just love the fall and it is coming. Can´t wait for the beautiful colours and go for a walk with my hubby and my puppy and snap some gorgeous pictures 😉

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