DIY Build a desk from your doors

I am all about reusing stuff and making everything unique in our house. We took down a couple of doors recently because they did not close properly (the pleasures of buying a house and not checking if the door close properly) and the laundry room does not really need a door anyway in my opinion.


We didn´t want to throw them away, so they were sitting downstairs for a week before we got an excellent idea. I needed desks for my office/craft room and I have been checking IKEA for it. We didn´t want to pay the amount that IKEA was asking. AND THEN we decided to build desks from these doors. All we had to do was to buy some legs for them and make them suitable for desks.


I sanded them down and painted and my husband put legs on them. And voila, I had myself 2 huge desks. All for 40 dollars! We bought the legs from IKEA, 5 dollars each!


I am very happy with my new desks! Very easy, very affordable!



A little home office/painting room.  A perfect setup for me!

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