Tyler Henry aka Hollywood medium

Two days I have been binge watching Tyler Henry.  Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is an American reality television series that runs on the E! cable network since January 2016.  The show follows Tyler Henry, who claims to be a clairvoyant medium, as “he brings messages from the other side to Hollywood celebrities. I have watched about 15 now and I have few more to watch 🙂 They are all from previous seasons (there has been 2 so far and season 3 is ongoing). I recorded these episodes as soon as we switched to another carrier, we didn´t have E! before….


Anyways, there are so many skeptics out there but after watching the show, how can you be a skeptic? Really? I have come across some articles that claim this show is fakery and BS BUT everything he says is so spot on and the subjects haven´t been discussed in social media. There is no way he could of known all these things before hand.

I am a believer 1000 % and I know where he is coming from and I have read so many books about afterlife, everything he has been saying sounds very logical and right to me. I have no doubts.


Of all the spot on subjects, people and events, that he gets right, I am also fascinated with the family stories and the love that people (his clients) have for each other. I didn´t grow up in a big family so I really haven´t felt that overwhelming love or affection from a lot of people, not going into details here….

There are many reasons why one would watch that show and I am very much enjoying it and loving it! But the critics just want to tear him apart. Why would the critics put their heads somewhere it doesn´t belong….why don´t they critic their own life and see how horrible that is….I am just so fed up with negativity lately, I just can´t handle people who criticize other human beings ….JUST LEAVE IT! (Fashion Police is a perfect example of negativity and bullying, just saying)

Anyways, if you are interested in afterlife or you have wondered what happens after death or if you don´t have a closure from a loved-ones passing, you will love this show!!! I am sure it has been edited as “presentable” but I don´t care…..I love Tyler Henry and I love the show.


He has also written a book which I have read and loved it! It really talks about where he is coming from and how he discovered his powers and how he gets the messages. Very cool book!


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