My guilty pleasure

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants and there happened to be one last night.

I have never been a pageant girl myself, except for the school party ones, in 5th grade where everyone could participate, the short and the ugly 🙂 For the life of me, I do not remember the results but I guess I would remember when I would have won one so I guess I didn’t. I was never the sexy kid or the beautiful one, I was referred as cute. I mean I was darn cute lol

Anyways, with my 5’5″ frame I was never able to participate in an actual pageant because I guess there is a minimum requirement of 5’7″ I think.  I haven’t really looked it up! I have however been participating in “photo model” and “the best navel” contests where I was actually on stage lol I guess I started showing interest in “Beauty” contests when I was around 20 or so and I have been published in newspapers and magazines but never in a big public event like Miss USA. I mean I am very shy and I am really scared in big crowds. I forgot my lyrics once in a community center Christmas party when I had to perform in front of hundreds of people. I ended up skipping the whole second part of the song.  I was 10.

maiu kid

Anyways, last night’s Miss USA, I was pleasantly surprised the age of all the girls and the mature nature that they all had.  Miss Louisiana Laryssa Bonacquisti put up such an awesome performance. I was sitting and watching in awe really. She was so awesome!!!!  At first when I saw her sitting there with two puppets I was like “God, this is gonna be embarrassing” but no, she was the absolute winner in the talent category….OMG, you have to see it!!!



Most of the girls in the talent category were just dancing and for me, everybody can dance. They should actually forbid dancing from the talent category. Girls, that age, they all go to some sort of a dance class. But singing or playing an instrument is a real talent. All the singers were awesome too!


Overall, this year, of all the years I have watched the show, was the most enjoyable The girls were all great. All the best and congratulations to Cara Mund who won the crown. I wasn’t expecting a girl with a “dancing talent” to win, but I guess it is not all about the talent, it’s the overall score!

And tonight, my other guilty pleasure is coming to an end…..the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise. I guess I have not enough drama in my life so I have to watch it on TV to get some more. I can’t live without drama, I feel restless lol

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