I am a former smoker

I haven’t smoked for years, I think it was 3 years ago when I quit smoking. It was on our trip to Paris where the air, my cold, my allergies and cigarette smoke collided and I coughed so much on the subway train that I had to get off of it and I thought I will die right then and there. I could not breath in between my coughs and that was just the most terrifying feeling ever. Obviously! And that is how I quit.


I didn’t have packs and packs of cigarettes per day, I was more like a Sunday or a social smoker, following the crowds when they went for a smoke. There was always the best gossip in the “smokers corner” There was only maybe few times per week or so when I really felt like having one just by myself.

My husband in the other hand, who has been smoking almost his entire life, kept on smoking even after our Paris trip for a year and then quit as well. He was pretty much a chain smoker and it was very hard for him to quit. The few months after he quit we were all walking on egg shells because we didn’t want him to relapse. He hasn’t had a cigarette since. I am very proud of him.


But every now and then I wanna have one but I can’t because of him. I can have one and then not have one for months. I haven’t acted on any of my urges except for one behind a grocery store with a friend 🙂 That was about a year ago 🙂 Again, kinda like a social thing!

She (my friend) is still smoking on and off and this is what inspired me to write this post. I asked her to tell me when she has the urge and then we can talk about it and maybe it will help! And maybe she will not buy that next pack of cigarettes. Maybe buys a bag of baby carrots instead 🙂 This was our plan a week ago…..it only worked one time! 🙂


Usually I am just too lazy to go and buy a pack and I have never actually liked to smoke in the public.

Do you smoke? Do your friends smoke? Would you get really annoyed when friends tell you to quit smoking or would you appreciate if they´d keep telling you the bad side effects of smoking?

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