A new summer drink I like

Few weeks back we went to the cottage and I had this interesting beer in the fridge for the past 4 months at least. I brought it with me, It was time to drink it! I didn’t think it was any good and I can’t even remember why I bought it in the first place! Possibly it was something to do with the ginger in it!


It looked like a nice summer drink. It was the most amazing sweet beer that I have ever tasted. It reminded me more of a cider than a beer. So if you usually don’t like beer, you will like this one! You can really taste the ginger and raspberry in there. So good!

beer 2

No grains at all are used in making Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It is a great gluten-free alternative to beer that’s a little bit on the sweet side and has a nice bite of crisp ginger to it.  It is a little (a lot)  bit sweeter than I would like but it is my new favourite for this summer!


Have you tried it? What do you think about it? Would you try it?

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