Lately I have been stuck with the word “like”. I use it in every sentence like so many times. Like LIKE like LIKE like LIKE But the word like has so many meanings. It became especially annoying last night when talking to my husband and hearing myself talk.

You know what I mean? There are some words we use more than others and for me “like” could be a pause for when I´m thinking what to say next or when I try to compare something or when I am trying to explain something and when I really want the other people to understand me. To point something out….or kind of a filler word that fills the space sometimes….


I totally overuse it and I can´t really finish a sentence without my “like” and lately it has started to annoy me and I am trying to stop using it but I can´t, it is so automatic. But i am really trying!!!

A lot of people actually use it and I guess that is where it got stuck! Maybe even TV is at fault and all the reality TV I watch lol. I´m not saying it´s bad but I am not saying it´s good either. I just hear it more often now, than ever before…..especially when I catch myself saying ‘like” so many times.

How about you?

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