Popcorn kernels get stuck

Popcorn kernels are little trouble makers. I don’t eat popcorn often, but last time when I did a few weeks back,  I got a kernel stuck in between my teeth and my gum. I couldn’t get it out on my own. I tried everything, I flossed, used a tooth pick, sulcabrush, I rinsed with salt water and mouthwash etc


Anyways, I went to see a dentist few weeks back and he cleaned it but I guess he didn’t get it out and it got very inflamed. It didn’t hurt or it wasn’t sore, it was just super uncomfortable because my tongue traveled there all the time.

So yesterday I finally found some time to go again, so my dentist cleaned it the second time and we took an x-ray just in case. It feels a lot better now.


I was stressing out about it every single day and I could not be fully happy (about the house we just bought or anything else for that matter).  It was so annoying and it took away so much, this little popcorn kernel.

Just warning you, be careful while eating popcorn.

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