City Girl moving to the country vol 2

I am so excited about moving into our new home. I am more excited about the backyard than the house itself because I can finally garden. I am over the moon. I have done some indoor pot gardening in our apartment, but these plants have always died. We live in an apartment that has a poor air circulation, and it’s either too hot or too cold, and the AC just kills everything. That is what I think. Maybe I am just really bad at gardening and my happiness is very short lived.


I am planning to do everything right this time because I want this to work. I think I will start with something that is fool proof, something that I think is fool proof, some herbs and beets and carrots (the package says it is easy).


Anyways we went to Lowe’s and Plant World yesterday. From Lowe’s we checked prices for lawn mowers, vacuums, shower stalls, doors, locks and stuff like that. It is hard to pick any of them because there are so many!!!


Plant World on the other hand was so beautiful, we had to do two rounds, because of all the flowers and the fruit bushes and the shrubs and the trees and all the very nice decor elements. I was in love and I told my husband that from now on, I will spend my money here, instead of the shoe store!!! Besides, what will I do with high heels in the country and I already have an ok collection of heels. Although these Katy Perry Rubik’s cube shoes I still think were the ones that got away. Oh, they were awesome…..but I think I will get like 3 berry bushes for that money lol


OK, let me finally get to the point….. 🙂 We bought some herb seeds, beets and carrots seeds and a whole bunch of Estonian flower seeds. I can’t have a yard without poppies and cornflowers. And Asters…..these flowers always remind me of the beginning of the school year. Almost every year, September 1st, I had these flowers in my hands and walked to school. It was common to bring flowers to the teachers.


I think the very first thing that we will do at the house, when we finally get the keys, is to build a planter box so I can start my experiments 🙂 I am aware that I will start my planting very late in the season, but I am so sure we will get a very nice and warm fall so that I can still get some sort of crop out of it. I mean I am sure the flowers will grow or so I hope 🙂

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