Bodybuilder girls and Instagram

I am so addicted to Instagram. I could spend all my days and all my nights there, but lately these gym/weight lifting images are killing my vibe, I just can’t stand them. Not because I’m fat (which I’m not but not fit either) but because it is the big new trend, to be in the gym all the time and take pictures from every single angle and every ab you have…..anyways I would rather look at food and pet pictures but the muscle pictures just keep on popping up like mushrooms after rain  lol


Because it’s a new trend and a girl’s gotta follow trends and look good (which I think I do most of the times) I went to my husband with these images and I asked “Would you like me to look like these girls?” because I WOULD get a gym membership and start posting these images as well and maybe actually do stuff for a few minutes lol I mean I can hold my breath and flex for 2 seconds and I would be pretty much outta there. Lifting weights will never be a passion of mine (childhood injury also, just can’t).

“I don’t want you to look like these girls because I would rather have you home with me rather than in the gym” said my husband. Isn’t he the sweetest man ever! So this is how I got out of going to the gym. Huuuh, thank god. Good man. Good man.

I can’t deny some of these girls actually look very good. I like fit but not these heavy muscle girls (no offence). What I actually envy is their commitment! I mean the only thing I can commit like that is TV and snacking lol  You know what I mean?


I did finish my week-long painful diet and it worked great. After that, my huge appetite is kinda gone and I will continue my healthier life path and try to avoid alcohol, which is harder than to avoid over eating lol

Anyways, Happy Canada Day!!!!  So many lovely images of Canada Day on Instagram today! Makes me so happy!

*Images with Josee, from Purple Peacock Coaching

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