Diet update

HELLO to all the dieters out there.

I started my diet about a week ago. It hasn’t been tough at all because my husband has been away on business and eating healthy alone is much easier. He has gained couple extra pounds too but he does not care like I do. And he looks good and I would never tell him to diet! Men have it easier 🙂


On Tuesday I also showed my  “extreme” bloating to the doctor, she knocked on it a couple of times and said “Yes, there is a lot of air in it” lol “Have you been eating cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, beans……..”


That is exactly what I have been eating!!!! Is there any other vegetables to diet with???? Right now tomatoes and cucumbers come in mind but that is all……


So I have been eating everything that makes me bloating but I am hoping that in a long run it is worth it. ABS are made in the kitchen I believe (and read) because I have no strength of doing any exercise right now….or I haven’t done any for weeks now….I just can’t….I want to but I can’t…..somehow I resent my morning yoga now. Morning yoga, that I have been in love with for years now…..that is sad…. I am just waiting for that motivation to kick in….


BUT I will continue on with my journey and I will let you know…..if there is any truth behind “ABS are made in the kitchen” lol

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