Vaccination happened

I went to see my family doctor on Tuesday. I developed a funny rash on my face, near my nose so I wanted to know what was going on. Also I was due for 2 vaccines – Tetanus and rubella. Tetanus was especially important since I´m moving to the country. My last one was oh so long ago…I think it was when my foot/ankle got caught under a car tire……looooong story. I believe you need one in every 10 years.

The bacteria that cause tetanus can be found in soil, manure, or dust. They infect humans by entering the body through cuts or puncture wounds, particularly when the wound area is dirty. Animal bites, burns, and non-sterile injection of drugs can also lead to infection with Clostridium tetani.


Also I got a Rubella combined vaccine, includes protection for measles and mumps. That was important too because I am around kids all the times and there has been 81 cases of mumps this year in Toronto.

I got one shot/vaccine in each arm. It wasn´t painful as I was expecting and my doctor gave me a band-aid so I would look tough. That made me laugh 🙂 I felt like 5 years old 🙂 And I am not 5 🙂 Sometimes I wish I was…..

The next morning and the next, my tetanus shot arm was stiff and felt like somebody had punched me in the arm, just like the doctor said I would feel!!! YAY.

I would get vaccines like that but I am against the flu vaccine because every time people have that, they get sick instead. And most of the times, they give you the wrong strain flu vaccine anyways, I mean how can they predict how the flu virus is going to turn out this year. Every year it seems like it is getting smarter….

Also…..I have a lot of air in my stomach…..but that is a story for another day…

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