City girl moving to the country

We bought a house! In the country!  City girl is moving 150 km away from the big city! That is far.

I have lived in the city most of my life. 37 minus 4 years. The 2 first years of my life I lived in a small wonderful little town in Estonia, called Haapsalu. And in my 20-s I adventured out for few years, to live with my boyfriend (and a whole bunch of family members)  in Rapla. But other than that, I have always lived in big cities.

When we rented a cottage couple years back, I couldn’t sleep for the entire time there because it was way too quiet for me. No car alarms, no sirens, no people partying it up on the weekend and screaming outside. That is my normal. That is how I fall asleep. This is my noise. But at the cottage, it was so quiet that I could hear mice running around and squirrels on the roof and that freaked me out way more than the sirens outside. And now I am moving to the country! Permanently.


It’s a huge change for me but I know I am so ready for it! As soon as I saw our new house, I was in love. I still can’t believe it but it is starting to sink in.

Part of me can’t be happy right this minute because of a few of my health problems but hopefully they will be sorted out in a month and when we get the keys to our new house, I am fully full of happiness and joy and cheers. And champagne!!!!

We will get the keys in the end of July and I will be writing about it in here, also everything about my DIY projects I am so happy about, I am so excited to have my own garden. It is beyond anything I have ever felt. Of course by the end of July I can´t really plant a lot of things but I can at least build the planter boxes and I will be writing about that!

As long as I can still visit the city at least couple of times per month, I will be peachy and not bitchy  🙂

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