Fire alarms

To start off with this post I have to explain few things. We live in an apartment building. 7th floor which is also the top floor. We haven’t had any major fires here over the 8 years I have lived here, just couple small ones. I took it very seriously when I just moved in, went out when the alarm started going off and took few valuables with me and etc. In one point I even had an emergency bag packed. I know. Funny.

My husband, never really bothered to even move, he had lived in this building 4 years previously and probably knew that most of them are false alarms. We usually have a couple in a month.

Anyways. I went out with couple of girlfriends last night and somehow this came to be a subject in our conversation, I told them the exact same thing I just previously wrote down.

………….and….guess what? 3 am…..the fire alarm went off. We stayed in bed, half asleep, our dog freaking out of course barking, husband got up and pressed the SILENCE button and came back to bed.

fire alarm

We have the fire department near by so they were here in 5 minutes but when you are tired, in the middle of the night, that feels like eternity. Plus, we went to bed late!

I got up, looked out of the window and saw the reflection of fire trucks, I couldn’t actually see them but I waited for them to leave. Suddenly, it was quiet. And we went back to sleep. 5 minutes later, the same stuff again. Fire alarm. Non stop for few minutes. And that happened few other times.

AND….it also woke me up 9.15 am this morning. I had planned on sleeping in but that kind of killed it!  Not a very nice wake up call after a horror night!

The good thing is, we are not going to be in this apartment for long. We are moving. We have started to hate this building so much after the management changed. Everything is so chaotic and the times they want to “access to our apartment have tripled. This is hard for us because we have a dog and can’t really allow them to access any time they want.

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