Not a superwoman after all

So, this year I thought I was a superwoman…as soon as this year started!!!  I thought I could eat as much as I want, wherever and whenever I want. I wanted to be happy and eat everything and not care or worry about the calories and my weight. It has been a constant worry in my life. I was just so tired of it! Really exhausted!!!

Turns out I am just a regular human. Countless pizzas, sandwiches, chips, cookies, ice creams later I am now 8 pounds heavier and I have lost my hour glass figure and I am not able to look at myself from the mirror.


I think it was mostly wine-s fault, I started drinking red wine every night (2 glasses usually after work) and then making bad decisions and snacking a lot. I guess we all have poor judgement when we drink. I also stopped drinking wine now…..and beer…..and alcohol all together.

I haven’t dared to pick up a measuring tape and actually write down how many inches I have gained but I would say at least an inch on my waistline, judging just by looking myself from the mirror. There are rolls everywhere.


Like I said I have stopped looking at myself from the mirror, all my clothes look awful on me and I feel BIG and miserable. Although by any means am I not overweight (YET), even with all that eating.

I went shopping today and the images that looked back to me were horrific to say the least. I am not used to seeing me that way and I don’t know how I let it go that far. But now I know how these extra pounds are so easy to put on….and I am sure super hard to get off.

So last night I deliberately bought my last crap food dinner (almost like quitting smoking) and enjoyed it fully since from today on I will eat the healthy food that tastes like nothing. I dislike that diet food and I hate dieting. Especially with no salt or butter on my veggies which I am now restricting myself for a while.  I will do it for 2 weeks and we’ll see how it goes.


I know it will be especially hard on the weekends but this is something I want and have to do. Two weeks might not be enough but I will continue this until I see some results. I don’t want to be super skinny, just want my regular form back! That’s it! I already have a ton of cellulite on my thighs that I don’t care about.

And I really don’t wanna make it a lifestyle although I consider myself a pretty healthy eater. But I do occasionally enjoy beer and wine and burgers and chips and honestly I haven’t eaten bad food that often but lately more than ever.

I have gained and lost that much weight before but that was 15 years ago when I was still young, now I’m 36 and I’m sure it is going to be a lot harder than back then BUT I know I can do it!

Stay strong you dieters all over the world! I will probably be posting some healthy food pictures soon 🙂

One thought on “Not a superwoman after all

  1. Oh man, when I eat wrong, the scale punishes me like a sadist! Fortunately, there’s lots of GREAT tasting food that is good for you. If you don’t like diet food, then you’re not eating the right stuff. Check out my wife’s blog for some amazing, tasty, and filling recipes of foods you will really enjoy and not hate eating. 🙂

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