Visit to the eye clinic

A couple months back I started seeing a flashing white dot in the corner of my right eye.  Kinda like fluff stuck on my lashes.  This happened about 4 or 5 times per day, so I decided to mention it to my family doctor.  Sure enough, the eye clinic from St Michael’s hospital called me about a week later.

edit 21

The first phone call wasn’t that pleasant because the receptionist was super rude after she said my appointment was changed and that I have to come in the next day. Obviously, I am a working girl so I couldn’t just drop that bomb to my employers so I said that I can’t do it in such short notice. The next day she called again and said “I see you didn’t come in today” with a crazy attitude even though I already told her I couldn’t make it. Thankfully a couple of days later I got a new appointment.

The morning of I was super dizzy and it was raining a bit. You know how it is with the cloudy weather…. I always feel so dizzy but this morning I felt even more cloudy than usual 🙂  Add to that the fact that I couldn’t use my contact lenses and had to wear my glasses.  That is always such a struggle for me because on any day I always prefer lenses and feel so uncomfortable with glasses.  I guess it might be a complex from my past. When I first got glasses in high school I thought my boyfriend would break up with me because I got prescribed glasses. He wasn’t a dick.  He didn’t break up with me because of the glasses, but still to this day I remember telling him I was getting glasses and the crying that came with that conversation.

First stop when I got to the hospital was the washroom, the eighth floor.  That took me back 30 years, the smell and everything. I spent quite a bit of time in the hospitals when I was younger because of my hip problem. So I know the smell. Old 1980’s washroom.

edit 1

After the washroom I checked in. First I went to the wrong counter but that wasn’t a big thing, the other counter was actually 2 feet away. Checked in and sat down and started to write this blog entry to keep me busy. They said it could take 1-4 hours so I had a lot of time! And I was there half an hour early. I prefer being early rather than late. I think being late is so rude in anything in life!

edit 2

There was 5 people in the waiting room. Half an hour later I got called to a nurse’s room and got asked bunch of questions.  I had to read the tiny letters from the screen and got my drops. 3 different kinds. She was the most rude, impolite nurse I have ever come into contact with. Honestly.

1.55 pm.  Half an hour after the drops. I felt nauseas. Not sure if it’s because of the drops or my stress from fear. I hear my doctor with another patient! He sounds nice but I am such a wimp when it comes to doctor visits and medical procedures. I want to cry every time they take my blood. That’s how wimpy I am.

There are more people now in the waiting room. Most people are reading books. I brought one but haven’t taken it out from my purse, I guess as a younger person I am more drawn to my phone. But I do love books! I still borrow books from the library and I love the smell of a new book!

2.04  PM.  Husband just told me, he will pick me up since my eyes are weird right now and I might fall all over the place. What a sweet man. I feel happy.

edit 11

I hear my doc is saying bye to his clients, I think I’m next. My heart is racing. I don’t know what he is going to do. I heard about a couple of the procedures that my husband went through couple months back and they sounded very scary (for glaucoma laser surgery).

2.38 PM. I get called in. I grab my stuff and run in. There is a female resident who will look at my eyes.  The first part of the test is easy but a little weird because in the reflection I see a drought ground like image, like you haven´t watered your lawn for years. So I ask about it and she says it is normal. That is actually the reflection of my eye. So odd.

Now she is pulling out a tool that resembles a dentist tool. Looks like a sharp tool that dentist use to remove tarter in between your teeth. That makes me scared. I ask about it because I feel uneasy. She says it is a bit uncomfortable but not painful. She was right. The light she flashes in my eyes while putting pressure on it, was so bright, it hurt. How can a light hurt. Also odd.

edit 3

Anyways when she was done I felt so much better. She told me to wait. So I was alone for a while and I started wondering maybe she said I can leave 🙂 Real fast I took my phone out of my purse and snapped a couple of pictures of the room and the torture stick 🙂 And just as fast I put my phone back in my purse and sat down in my torture chair. From a far away I heard my resident talking to my doctor who now came over and then did the torture all over again. YAY! I guess he saw how nervous I was since he made a comment. But that light in my eye was blinding me every time I had to look in another corner of my eye.

edit 5

Turns out my eye is fine. It could have been stress like I thought it was. Stress has caused me a lot of problems this year (house hunting).

3.15 PM Done. I stumble out of the doctor’s office saying thank you and wishing them a good day, blind as a bat. Literally blinded. As soon as I looked up, I couldn´t see a thing. It was hard to look at the light. I tried to text my husband that I was done but the phone screen was so bright that I had to just hope that I was typing the right words….

edit 4

I guess I did type the right words by memory since he was downstairs waiting for me and I used him as my blind dog to get to the car. We took some pictures of my eye in the car. My pupils were so dilated. I kept on talking about my eye experience and I am sure husband was pretty tired in a while so I stopped….and now 4 hours later I feel almost as normal as I can.

I was about 90 % certain there was nothing wrong with my eye but better safe than sorry. Right? I am glad that is over!


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