New cookie recipe

Yet again, I have finished one of Joanne Fluke´s murder mystery books. The latest one is Banana Pie Murder. I know, I swore not to read them (Hannah Swensen books) anymore, after I disliked how they portrayed Hannah Swensen in the Hallmark movies. I have nothing against the actress but that is not the Hannah that Joanne Fluke has described in her books (or what I imagined in my head). I was just really disappointed and gave away all my books, all 17 of them….

Joanne Fluke

Anyways, I really enjoyed these books and I enjoyed the last one and I can not wait for the next one. I am so excited but I guess it will be another long wait. I think there is only 2 books coming out in one year and the last one came out in February.


And, as always, I saw a couple recipes that I really liked and thought they would be delicious. Especially butterscotch crunch cookies with salty chips and butterscotch chips. I was very excited about the salty and sweet cookies.  Super easy to make and also only takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. I only did half the recipe and I got two panfuls of cookies.

IMG_20170611_1145167  They are very delicious but for me as always Hannah´s cookies are way too sweet for me and I always put a bit less sugar than in the recipe but still sweet, very sweet…..and I did not taste the saltiness at all, that made me very sad. If I´d ever make these cookies again I would double the amount of the Lay´s chips.

Here is the recipe:



I am actually excited to make them again so I would get the saltiness right, maybe even add a bit salt and less sugar because these butterscotch chips are already very sweet. If you like sweets, these would be the perfect cookies for you!

If you decide to make them, let me know your thoughts!

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