Real estate shrink

It´s been very real estate related lately but because of a good reason, it is all we think and breath about right now.

We went to see another house this past weekend and that made me think that besides real estate agents, mortgage broker and a lawyer, you would also need a real estate psychiatrist or psychotherapist who can guide you through your house hunting without any major stress and can guide you in the right direction.

You will never get the house with everything on your wish list, even if you have a huge budget which we do not. I mean, I guess if you build your own house that you have designed, that is one way you can get everything you want in a house. I´m sure that it would take years to know exactly what you want….


Anyways….my problem with the last house is this….“perfect house vs location“. Location is not ideal because it is actually situated in a little village with nothing except for a post office, one bar, school, library and city hall. You would think that is all you need really…. But is it?

I am a city girl and I have never lived in little villages…..maybe it´s a good thing, to have the sense of a little tight knit community? Would we be welcomed? Do I feel like driving 30 km to get to civilization? To a fitness club or to do groceries?

I have listened to others about buying (giving me tips and telling me where and what to buy) a house but it’s always been my husband and me really….I live far away from my family, he lives far away from his family and we really just enjoy each other’s company….most of the times anyways ☺ So it shouldn’t really be about other people, it should be about us and what we are happy with….the hell with others…

And seems like, I am my own shrink. Case closed! Let’s put in an offer….

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