This is my first time buying a house and we found our realtor from Instagram.  I stalked him for months before we contacted him. He looked like a down to earth, real easy to work with and looked like his clients really loved him. But you know, who would put up a bad review about themselves, right?

So, what do real estate agents do nowadays with internet age, where all the buyers can search online for the house they love and go see the house by themselves when the open house is on….just collect the money in the end? I would rather be giving that money to somebody that has actually helped us along the way…

The first few meets where nice and he looked very helpful, we even did an offer together and then it went downhill from there. He kept on passing us on to his co-worker, who turned out to be a lot nicer guy than our actual realtor. We haven´t seen him for months now, just e-mails asking how we are doing but when we reply, he still keeps on passing us on…mostly to play golf as it seems from Instagram.

This situation is getting pretty aggravating  and sad (very sad) for me, my husband is much more accepting……

So here I am, sitting and thinking, in this situation, why do we need a realtor who does not even care? Or so it seems. Does he really deserve money for something he did not do? Should we go ahead and find somebody who actually cares?

So about testimonials… was mine…..I doubt this will ever go up into his Instagram account and I guess here is where I went wrong, believing social media and the images that are created there. False promises, false hope….

I am so disappointed…..

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