Buying a house is a gamble

After endless house hunting and watching all the renovation and home shows possible I have realized that buying a house/finding a house to buy is a total gamble.


Why a gamble?

Because you can´t really see what you are buying. Yes of course you see the nicely painted walls and the decor but you can not see what is underneath….if the beams holding up the house are still nicely intact….

You can´t see if the foundation is still good….if the cracks in the walls are harmless or if it will swallow so much money to repair the….if there have been water damage……

You can´t see the plumbing or how jammed the drains might be….

You can´t see if there is any electrical problems….

You can´t see the quality of the water ….

These are the things that interest me the most when I go see a house but mostly these things are not written down anywhere…


And it´s not always the older homes that are faulty or questionable. I just saw a home inspection show where there was so many problems with an 8 year old house, starting with foundation, it made me question, how will you ever know what you get???

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